Manual lymph drainage is a specific technique that allows the activation of the lymphatic system. The body eliminates fluids (lymph) through the mechanism of “drainage” that lies between the muscles and the deeper layers of the skin. This system sometimes becomes clogged, resulting in fluid accumulation.

Oceánico Clinic has specialized in lymphatic drainage professionals. With this technique the activation of the body’s ability to remove fluid is achieved, which improves the reduction of toxins and increase general well being.

Further, lymphatic drainage allows activation of subcutaneous tissue, which, if clogged, leads to accumulation of fat (cellulite).

Manual lymph drainage is especially useful in cases where the patient has undergone surgery group glanglionar. This happens with women with mastectomies (removal of the breast by tumor). This procedure results in suppression of natural drainage ducts of the patient, so that manual activation to induce drainage of fluids through new pathways is necessary; thus avoiding a lymphedema.

Along with proper rehabilitation, lymphatic drainage treatments applied by Oceánico Clinic have managed to increase the quality of life for many women with mastectomies.

The draining action of this manual technique also has sedative effects on the autonomic nervous system and is indicated in cases of constipation, as applied in the wall of the intestine active function. Manual lymph drainage improves muscle tone and strengthens the autoimmune system.