A small look at Oceánico



Our main objective  is to understand the human body , their health, their well-being to correct the pathologies and alterations,  all the answers are in the anatomy and physiology.

At Ocean Clinic we turn to give a consistent, comprehensive and customized solution.

We are prepared to meet all challenges that require our patients.


Our vision is holistic , for it integrate into the medical practice  of  Oceánico Clinic services as “manual therapies”; physiotherapy, osteopathy, lymphatic drainage, massage, sports massage… “natural therapies” ;herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, colon hydrotherapy, kinesiology…

Committed to our motto “health is the natural”


Today’s society, the pace of life and work demands that our body is in perfect condition. It is increasingly difficult to achieve physical and mental balance to ensure the welfare. Today it is more necessary than ever to be comfortable with your body, feel and develop their potential.

At Oceánico Clinic are ready, we are waiting for your visit. Call us.


Since the first clinic visit Oceánico makes a personal study of the needs of each patient, their pathologies and deficiencies to provide the most suitable natural clinical solutions.


In our modern facilities we have 4 cabinets of physiotherapy and massage, naturopathic consultation, colon hydrotherapy cabinet and multipurpose room for the development of various activities (rehabilitation, training …).

We also have instrumental adapted to patients with physical or motor difficulties. The Clinic is well qualified to provide care to people with various disabilities.


Our team has a multidisciplinary background. We have doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and naturopaths trained in different branches of the natural sciences and technical manuals.

This way our patients come from consultation with a team that can offer the most effective treatments and suitable to you.