Medical Consultation

The Oceánico Medical Consultation is complementary, preventive and curative, together with modern medicine and pharmacology complete our health.

Medical assement with Dr. Humberto Horta.

Naturist assement with therapist D. Prisciliano Montes.

Blood Type Test HLBO (with a single drop of blood).

The Oceánico Medical Consultation is more because:

. Make an assessment of the state of health holistically.
. Search the imbalances that can lead to diseases or disorders of the body.
. Detecting a complementary diagnostic of predisposing factors, causes and aggravating factors.
. Changes the dynamics of organic changes improvement and conservation.
. Power systems heal itself.
. Try pathologies from a vision and natural action.
. Brings a correct diet what food hurt me? What nutrients benefit me? What foods make me feel bad?
. We recommend medicines and natural products (plants, food or homeopathic products) that balance your health.

Oceánico Clinic has a set of traditional and alternative diagnostic tools that identify the time of the health-disease process.

It is the study or analysis of the morphology of coagulated blood drops on a slide with the aid of a microscope to assess the oxidative process within the organism, and alteration of coagulation factors or diseases caused by bacteria.

Kinesiology: it is a discipline that allows assessing imbalances in the person, through the muscle tone and functionality. It allows us to identify blockages, pain, lack of nutrients, toxicity or physical and emotional dysfunctions.

Diet, homeopathy, herbal medicine, micoterapia.

A natural vision. Make alternative medicine.