External Services

Relaxation and well-being for business, leisure and events


Naturopathic Clinic ocean designs action programs in business aimed at solving the most common pathologies of work in offices or physical work. With these programs we address the most common ailments in the workplace, such as back problems, neck, joints, shoulder tension or stress.

The aim is to offer a space for relaxation after days of intense work, advise on occupational health therapies or address injuries and joint problems.

This program consists of a massage at the headquarters of the company or in our clinic, adapting to the times and needs of the workplace.


SPA / Hotel / Sporting Events

Naturopathic Clinic ocean  deals with the management and development of relaxation areas in hotels, spa centers and resorts. We put in place programs and letters of massage adapted to the premises of the company, we deal with the management of spaces of relaxation, massage and spa centers.