Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Oceánico Clinic has a specialized physiotherapy service that deals with the treatment of injuries and planned programs of action for post-operative recovery of patients.


In Oceánico Clinic have professional degrees in physiotherapy and rehabilitation ensure specialization in the care and treatment of injuries improving the state of the articular and muscular systems.


The physiotherapy service Oceánico Clinic is intended mainly to assit orthopedic pathologies, especially those related to back and neck (cervical pain, lumbago…) and the upper and lower (knee, shoulder, elbow…) Our patients regain function and experience remarkable improvement after physiotherapy treatments at Oceánico Clinic.


Oceánico Clinic also uses new manual techniques in cases of post-operative rehabilitation and recovery of articulatory function after surgery or a sports injury. Also, when so required special techniques that improve tissues functions, internal organs or help substantially to change surgical scars.


Our team addresses the traumatic pathologies from multidisciplinary approaches, linking local lesions with global operation organism (osteopathy). The result after physiotherapy treatment is a general improvement in the condition of the patient, which has a direct impact on the desired recovery.


The action of physiotherapy and rehabilitation new manual techniques is amply proven. Oceánico Clinic extensive experience in this type of pathology confirms this.