The lymphatic system is a specialized collection of cellular debris, proteins and other macromolecules between system elements. Our body has a way of nutrition (arterial system) and two-way cleaning (venous system and lymphatic system) when the lymphatic system is deficient it causes lymphedema, a chronic disease that currently has a very specific process.

Lymphedema is an edema of lymphatic origin, divided into two types depending on the source; primary and secondary. In primary lymphedema, the lymphatic system failure is congenital (agenesis, hypogenesis …) and instead in the secondary lymphedema, the lymphatic system failure is acquired throughout life (post-surgery, post-radiotherapy post -trauma…).

Edema is the accumulation of fluid in the tissues, lymphedema being of lymphatic origin are characterized by protein-rich edema, which gives them a tendency over time (morbidity) to fibrosis (hardening and growth of edema) reaching different stages.

Oceánico Clinic has specialized in treating such diseases, through decompressive therapy professionals.


Decompression therapy involves the pooling of resources currently available for the treatment of this disease:

. Stimulation measures
. Compression measures
. Containment measures
. Complementary measures

Each of these measures has a technical and specific protocol that apply to each type of lymphedema. In Oceanic treat lymphedema with the combination of manual lymphatic drainage, multilayer compression bandage (in INTENSIVE regime and maintenance regime), as compression stockings, physiotherapy and specific nutrition.

Along with proper rehabilitation, treatment for lymphedema applied Oceánico Clinic it has succeeded in increasing the quality of life of many of our patients.

In Oceánico Clinic we have extensive experience in treating lymphedema; Post-mastectomy lymphedema (unilateral-bilateral), Lymphedema axillary nodal post-removal, breast Lymphedema, Lymphedema face, lower limb primary lymphedema, secondary lymphedema lower extremity, flebolinfedemas, fleboedemas, lipoedemas, seroma…