Kinesiology is a technique to locate the body’s imbalances, identifying them as traumas that have ended up resulting in disease, discomfort or pain.

Oceánico Clinic the kinesiological treatments act directly on the body’s energy channels, similar to acupuncture points, redirecting the physical and emotional wellbeing. This technique is achieved  by activating the body’s ability to recover on its own.

Oceánico Clinic has included kinesiology in their natural treatments because of the close relationship that this discipline has with manual techniques. Kinesiology works by applying energy in the reflex points of the body with gentle massage. The kinesiology treatment facilitates increased physical and mental activity, giving the individual more energy to achieve those objectives proposed.

The session begins with a kinesiology muscle test that allows to know the shortcomings of the organization, identifying the area or organ where there is a blockage or energy imbalance.