Dynamic Muscular Massage

Manual therapy or massage therapy to relieve the pains of the locomotor system (muscles, tendons, fascia, ligaments…), has existed for a longtime there have been many techniques and methods created for the treatment of blockages and tensions of the so-called “soft tissue”.

This massage technique is called Dynamic Muscular Massage technique which of known uses groups of muscle treatment, and adds its own vision of the manual muscle approach, which makes a new system.

This Technique was born in Oceánico Clinic by the desire to settle cases commonly tried as a treatment for musculoskeletal disorders. As well as the need manual techniques of trainers, to convey to others a system to also resolve those tensions.

Dynamic Muscular Massage systematized manual labor making it complete, accurate, reliable and effective in locating and treating muscular pain point protocol.

This technique is used both for scanning and tracing the detail of the locks of soft tissue, such as for treatment. It’s a simple, logical, true to biomechanics technique combined with other manual techniques that the therapist can implement in their treatment from the outset.
In fact I always recommend a classic full massage in the treatment area before applying Dynamic Muscle Massage.

The technique is based on treating the muscle in 4 positions:

• Neutral Position
it’s the presentation that has the muscle in basic positions where the patient may be on the table.

• Shortening passive position
the muscle will be in a position such that its origin and insertion points are to be closer to the neutral position.

• Passive stretching position
this time the muscle is more distant than in neutral inserts.

• Passive mobility
this time try the muscle while it is mobilized.

In every state of tension and/or soft tissue blocking, we mainly find two types of changes: a physical, which refers to the extent of blocking, the number of fibers involved, their structural status, among others. And the other chemical, is toxic load, deficit contribution circulations and cleaning involved in blocking.

As manual therapists one of the things that we do with our hands is to find the pain points we have seen in the whole body and once located try to remove them and reduce your stress.

We have applied the technique of Dynamic Muscular Massage in each and every one of the muscles and muscle groups, except facial. After the experience over the years in Oceánico Clinic we have reached the point of being able to relate a blocking zone with a particular treatment position.

Muscle approach in different positions characteristic of this technique provides dynamic muscle massage patient treatment deeper, more precise location of the lesion and longer time improvement.

Apply Dynamic Muscle Massage technique for addressing myofascial tensions, contractures, overloads, is a guaranteed success.