Chiromassage is a scanning method (using perceptual palpation) and manual therapy, applied to the body cover and transmitted by mechanical pressure of the hands to different organs and tissues of the human body, which has both, regulatory effects on pain, general feeling of energy, mood, fatigue and in general on the psyche. According to the indication and the proposed treatment goals, you can achieve effects that generate direct and / or reflex actions on the body.

The benefits of massage have reached our days to evolve from simple to provide relaxation and promote sleep, to the specific development of some more complex to alleviate or eliminate specific ailments of the body and / or body techniques.

The main effects are specified:

As referring to mechanical forces associated with each maneuver involving tissues.

Physiological Hygiene
When the massage is done in a healthy person to provide greater force to the body or to relieve fatigue and is associated with the practice of physical exercise or soft gymnastics, and / or sauna, steam bath or steam room, etc.

Are met when palpation locates and defines a tense area or possible injury, I communicate the subject receiving massage and if it is feasible. In addition to this treatment advice coupled with the practice of moderate exercise, it is possible to promote the welfare and the massage lasts. Thus fulfilling many of the functions of the manual therapist: care-prevention, treatment and health promotion.

When the massage is used to improve circulatory function, restore damaged restricted mobility, alleviate and / or reduce pain, or to optimize sensory awareness tissues. By the time that massage provides human support, relaxation and wellness, helping in the recovery and maintenance of health it becomes even unintentionally, in a therapeutic act.

Aesthetic Hygiene
By mobilizing the skin it causes a snowball effect or mechanical cleaning is, eliminating scaly cells. When the chiropractic aims to improve the external appearance of the person, eliminating fat deposits, restoring muscle tone and fatigue relaxing. Has hygienic results as to eliminate fatigue in a healthy person produces an aesthetic result.

When performed to prepare a competitive athlete purpose before, during and after practice thereof.

Contact the experienced hand provides quiet, security and comfort to the person treated, provides relaxation, while regulating the psychophysical and relieves tension.

Regulates the function
Massage helps improve self-healing ability of our body.